The 2500 year-old game of polo is one of the fastest, roughest and most dangerous sports played today.

It is gaining popularity as a premier spectator sport and can be an easy game for the first-time spectator to enjoy. Imagine the excitement of seeing players on thoroughbred horses bumping and jostling with each other as hockey on horseback, racing at top speeds down the field while striking a small ball with the precision of an experienced golfer.



The structure includes 2 polo fields and one sand track. Inside of the Clubhouse you can benefit of the different services we provide: a bar with Italian style aperitivo, locker rooms which include showers. Non the less the Clubhouse also provides a restaurant, La Vivienda. Here you will be given a taste of the refined Italian cuisine. Giulia and Daniele have played with food respecting the Italian traditions.


Originally Monte Argentario was an island knitted to the continent during the centuries by two land belts called tomboli (sand-and-gravel bar), tombolo of Feniglia and tombolo of Giannella.  These two strips of land created a favorable environment for the birth of the lagoon of Orbetello,  which is located between the two "tomboli" and part of it is a WWF reserve.The promontory of Monte Argentario, whose landscape is considered hilly, (Telegrafo Mount 635 meters over the sea level), is covered by Mediterranean bush and it is alternated by vineyards, olive trees and citrus cultivation. The Argentario is characterized by an exceptionally mild climate, witnessed by the presence of rare plants not usually found at these latitudes. His coast is a succeeding of gulfs,capes,islets and little and amazing bays.


The Argentario Polo Club is also the perfect venue for your professional or private events.

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